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Jaywing is a creative marketing agency, home to over 650 specialists across the UK who help to make sense of today’s complex, ever changing, technology-led and datarich world.

Jaywing believes that data science is at the heart of new world business thinking. Voted as the North’s most inspiring and innovative space in 2017, the construction of Jaywing’s new, award winning Sheffield Headquarters has kick-started a new phase of regeneration of the Cultural Industries Quarter of the city, providing a modern, functional and exciting creative workspace married with the rich cultural heritage of the Sheffield steel and silver industry.

"Sheffield is a city full of creativity and ambition, which strikes at the heart of what we’re about as an organisation. As a business, Jaywing is committed to developing new talent, regeneration, local community and environmental improvement, and Sheffield provides everything we need in these respects for the headquarters of our wide-ranging agency operations."

David Wood

Chief Creative Officer, Jaywing