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Sheffield was once defined by industrial prosperity, however the smoking chimney stacks are no more and instead you'll find a vibrant cultural destination with a friendly, authentic spirit, ready to surprise and delight in equal measure. A lot happens within these seven hills!

The city is home to an array of award-winning art galleries and museums, including the spectacular Millennium Gallery - a city centre venue for the visual arts, craft and design. The impressive Winter Garden is the largest urban glass house in Europe, a feat of modern architecture which itself, stands opposite the largest theatre complex outside London, home to the world renowned Crucible.

Sheffield's street art is also strong, walk down almost any street in the city centre and you'll stumble across a riot of colour interrupting the urban skyline.

As the birthplace of the Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Def Leppard and The Human League (to name a few), it’s no coincidence that the city also enjoys a thriving local music scene, while festivals of design, documentary, music, art and literature bring the city to life, whatever the season. And if you need something wash all that down, you'll be pleased to hear that Sheffield’s brewing scene stands amongst the best in the world.